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Bonfire believes that in the careers of women, there is a predictable moment when they make critical decisions about their future. This occurs when they've been at work just long enough to get a glimpse of who they are, what they want, and what could lie ahead.
Enter Bonfire.

Bonfire accepts 2 diverse cohorts of 100 exceptional women each year. Each cohort participates in a 9-month talent development experience.

Bonfire women are selected and their participation fee is paid for by their employer. To ensure diversity within the cohort, no company can enroll more than five employees in a cohort at a time, and non-profits and public sector cohort participants will be sponsored by corporations, foundations and individuals.

While the cohorts will be made up exclusively of women, men will be active in the Bonfire model as mentors and program providers, and they will be welcome in the Bonfire space.


The Bonfire Woman

Our members are young women who are seen as rising stars in their organizations, giving them the boost they need just when they hit the most challenging part of their careers. They are alpha women who have already proven themselves as power players in the workplace, but need support and development to take their careers to the next level.

Bonfire focuses on women who are not yet in positions considered “executive level,” identifying and developing rising talent with demonstrated potential for extraordinary leadership in the workplace of the future. Her job title is not important. We care about who this woman is, not what she does.

We work with these brilliant women so that they are fully equipped to deal with all the challenges and obstacles they’ll face on their path to greatness, on their own terms.